There are two ways that God uses his power: 1) through qualified agent (agency, organization or entity), and 2) by Himself. The application of the power of God is designed to achieve (materialize) God’s purpose or promised objective. Whether channeled through alternative source or direct application, the result must be the same.

No matter the various ways God has showed his power, they can be summed up in two categorical words: 1) the anointing (manifestation), and 2) the glory (revelation). These two stages equate to direct versus indirect engagement or involvement of the person of God, which ushers in his power. Remember that the person(s) of the Godhead must be involved to experience the power of God. The power of God cannot be imitated or manufactured because it is part of God’s special personal qualities and qualifications.

To be more specific, the power of God is in the life of God, which is in the person (Spirit) of God. No other being is God even if they are spirit beings; therefore they need the life of God by the Spirit of God to walk/work in the power of God. The magnitude to which the power of God comes depends on how much the presence of the person of God is manifested or revealed.

The manifestation is the anointing, which is the expression of the life and power of God through alternative source other than the revelation of his person (Spirit), which is the glory. The person looking to walk/work in the power of God must first be exposed to the life of God (the source of the power), which is in the Spirit of God, as we see in acts 10:38. How God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and power… Understanding the anointing and the glory requires different training and education because they are two different platforms of power. What is needed to achieve one platform differ from the other so also working on both. The power that saves is the same that keeps and raises up to abundant prosperity in God.

That prosperity is dependent on how much the power of God is in your life, and working in your life. It is according to the power that worketh in you. The rewards of the kingdom business are tied to the anointing and the glory, as a measure of verifying both the authenticity of God’s direct or indirect involvement (engagement), as well as determining the weight of the value of the work. It is the earned credit of the laborers in God’s vineyard; therefore those who are called must be trained, educated and equipped by the anointing and the glory, or they will loose their rewards. See Matthew 10, Luke 10, John 20, and Acts 1. You must have the anointing or the glory to achieve particular level of honor and respect in the kingdom business.

It is the qualities and qualifications that earn the people of God both the position and applicable reward. This is where the prosperity comes in. I AM the LORD that giveth thee power to get wealth (blessing reward). The anointing and the glory manifests/reveals or materializes and actualizes God’s provisons and promises. They are the keys to integrating the spiritual kingdom of God with the natural life. There is no other way to materialize and actualize spiritual blessing outside the confinement or protocol of manifestation and revelation, which define how the anointing and the glory works.

Our levels of achievement are metered by the measure of the grace of God – the anointing or the dimension of the glory. Please understand that the glory is not measured like the anointing. Although the glory is one glory yet it has many faces: the Father of glory, the Spirit of glory and the glory of the Son. The unification of the Father, Son and the Spirit equals the Shekinah glory.

Many people have not seen this face of the glory not even in the old days. It is easy to assume that you have so much power of God until you are confronted with problems that are superior to the level of the anointing in your life. God often allow it to happen to move or persuade the man or woman of God to continue to ask for more, much more and greater or the glory.